Click on Create New Order.  Start by typing in the sku # and tab over to the next box which will automatically generate the Description, tab again and you can enter the Qty that you want to order for that SKU.

You can use the Tab button to move from one box to the next within that ordering row. ( Left to Right)

Once you’re done with that row, hit enter or Tab and a new line will be ready to order the next item. Continue this until you have completed your ordering.

You can also type in the description of the product and find the product SKU # or hit Enter and this will populate into that line.

Note: The Description field has a type ahead function so you can see a list of possible matches to the entered word.



You can review your order for any corrections, enter an additional email address, enter in your own unique PO Number, Submit Order, Save, Export, Print, Copy, and remove any products. As well as review any important ‘Notifications’ for that order, such as over bank guarantee, or less than 25 case min, or Full pallet ordering.

  • Submit Order - This is sent to the system and will not be editable once Confirmed or committed.( Only required for email, Po pr order date changes)
  • Save – This will save the order for future submitting. Also is editable at anytime.
  • Export -  This exports to an outside program or file
  • Print – To print the order for filing, etc
  • Copy -  This will duplicate the order and will create a new order # ready for editing
  • Remove Order - This will remove this complete order and will not be retrievable
  • Remove Item– This will remove that item that is check marked  within the opened order.



When you are ready to submit your order to CLS, Click on ‘Submit order’

You will get a message asking if you want to submit this order and indicates there is a $3.00 per case restocking fee for the order. Click ok and this will go to our system and be in status ‘Submitted’. If you click Cancel this will go back to that order. An email confirmation will follow shortly.

Once you click ‘OK’ that order will have a status of ‘Submitted’. To refresh the system, press F5 and you can check the status. Once the order is confirmed you can now pay for this order.

A Submitted order is set to a Submitted status on the Order List page.

Submitted orders are transmitted to CLS for processing awaiting a Confirmed or Committed status to be returned to the user (approx. 3 to 5 minutes) during Order Desk hours of operation. Orders submitted after 2:30pm will be processed on the next business day.

Note: Submitted orders are not editable. If you want to do an Add On’ you must wait till the order is in a ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Committed’ status.



Is for when the user wants to create an order in advance for a selected scheduled order date. Once the order is added, you must click on Submit so the order automatically releases/submits to CLS for processing on the specified selected day and will return confirmation totals as per specified selected day (within 15 minutes) of the Order Desk hours of operation.

You can amend, cancel, or delete any part to a ‘Pending’ order as long as it says Pending’ and before the order desk open on the schedule order day. Open the Pending order # and click ‘Edit’ Resume amending order and before clicking ‘submit’ verify the future date submission is correct and click Submit.

Note:  Payment of orders can not to be made in advance. Method of payment and payment deadlines remain in effect as per AGLC Policy, Procedures and Guidelines and CLS Retail Client Handbook.



A created order is set to a DRAFT status on the Order List page.
The Order Details can be opened by clicking on the ‘ID #’ to review, verify, edit and submit the order when ready.
Note: Draft orders can be opened, edited and closed numerous times. These orders are not processed until you click ‘Submit order’


A Confirmed order is set to a ‘Confirmed’ status on the Order List Page. On the order details page you can Add On to Order, Export, Print or Copy Order.

Note: You will not be able to cancel, or delete any part to a Confirmed order. You must contact Customer Service to do this 1-800-265-7684 or 780-418-6500



The ‘Add On to Order’ function is only available to an existing ‘Committed’ or ‘Confirmed’ ‘order. Select the ID # you want to add on to. This will open the order up and then you can click the ‘Add On to Order’ button. Then start adding your SKUS and Qty’s and hit enter. Then when you are done adding all items, you can submit for processing by using the ‘Submit’ Button. Once opening the Add on screen you can also choose ‘Import' to import your ‘add on’

Note: The Add On function cannot be performed on a ‘Closed’ status order.



The Import function is used to import (Order Upload) a text file into Order List page.

Click on ‘Import Order’ and then click on Browse. Find your saved file and click upload.

The following are typical software programs to import a text file from:

  • P.O.S. (Point of Sale) Software System, Retail inventory system. Please contact your POS Software Merchant for details on any import/export features.
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (csv file)
  • Microsoft Word (comma separated)
  • Note Pad (comma separated)

Error Information lines may occur advising the user a list of SKU's ordered that are: Archived (discontinued) items, Invalid items (not carried by CLS) or a Zero (0) case quantity ordered. Note: An message will show for qty’s entered that are over 9999 qty/ per line. 
The Order Details can be opened by clicking on the ID # to review, verify, edit and submit the order when ready.



Open the Order you want to amend click ‘Edit’ If the order in in a ‘Pending’ status. Then click in the little box to choose the desired SKU’s you wish to delete. This will insert a "check mark" within the white box. Then click on ‘Remove Item’ button and this will remove the check marked items within that order.



To delete an order Click on the Order ID # to review the order details and then click ‘Remove Order’

Note: You cannot delete a Committed, Confirmed, Closed order. If an order has been submitted in error, the user must Contact CLS Customer Service @ 1-800-265-6784 to cancel/delete the order immediately



Select your desired orders you wish to remove from the ‘Order list’ page by clicking the white box next to the Order#. This will insert a "check mark" within the white box. Open the drop box that says ‘Choose… and select ‘Remove Order(s)’

Note: Deleted Closed/Final Closed orders can be retrieved. Click on the ‘Show Removed Orders’ box and this will show them all. You can copy them to a new order.

On the first day of every month an automated order cleanup process will run, this process will remove all closed orders that are more than 45 days old.



On the Order list page, you can retrieve all orders that were removed by the remove order button.  Click on the on this page and this will pull up all orders. 


On the Order list page, you can retrieve all historical completed orders Click on the on this page and this will pull up all historical orders. 



A Submitted order is set to a ‘Closed’ status on the Order List page when the Order Desk closes at 2:30pm. The Order List page displays the Closed Order Summary Totals. The Order Details can be opened by clicking on the ID # to review the status verification for each item ordered.  Note: Closed orders can’t be amended


At 3 pm all transactions, phone/fax/web, are updated.  The Order List page displays the Final Closed Order Summary Totals which will include all transcations for that order whether done online, via fax or on the telephone. The Order Details can be opened by clicking on the ID # to review the status verification for each item ordered.Note: Final Closed orders can’t be amended



When searching through the Product Search Catalog, Bin End, LTO, New Items pages, you can automatically add the specific product to a current order. Click on the Add to order button and it will prompt which Order # to add it to.



  • ID - The next incrementing order number which contains the Order Details within (each order increments by one). (not an editable #)
  • Status - Purchase order process level. (not an editable field)
  • Created – Date order was created. (Remember to click Save when updated)
  • Conf - Date/time stamp when the order was confirmed.(not an editable field)
  • CLS - CLS Invoice# is displayed on a Confirmed/Closed order. (Returned from CLS)
  • Qty Ord – Amount of  cases/kegs ordered (Returned from CLS)
  • Qty Conf – Confirmed total (Important) (Returned from CLS)
  • $ Ord – Total dollar amount ordered (Returned from CLS)
  • $ Conf – Total confirmed dollar amount (Returned from CLS)
  • PO Number - You may enter your purchase order number or anything unique to identify this order (optional). (Remember to click Save when updated)
  • SKU – registered product code
  • Description – registered product name
  • Size – registered unit size
  • UOM – Unit of Measure
  • $/Unit – Price per unit
  • Qty Ordered – Ordered amount
  • Qty Confirmed – amount confirmed
  • $ Ordered – Total dollar amount ordered
  • $ Confirmed – Total confirmed dollar amount
  • Email
  • CLS Message – Message sent from CLS about this order.


For all payment inquire please contact AGLC payment offices at 780-447-8376/1-800-272-8876 option 8.