​The "ASN" button should appear at the top of the Agents Main Screen on the second line.  It should be beside either the "Reporting" button or the "Allocations'  button".  If it is not there then you need to add the ability to enter ASN's to your permissions.  To do that you would do the following: 

1. Click on Manage Account button (on red line at top)

2. Once page loads go half way down and you will see the title "Users".  Find your name on that list and click on it.

3. This will take you to a new page.

4. At the bottom of this new page you will see the title "Edit my Page".

5. Simply go to the bottom of that list and you will see "ASN Agent".

6. Tick the box beside "ASN Agent"

7. Save the information.

8. Logout of Liquor Connect and then log back on.  Once you are back on the "ASN" button should now be appearing.

9. Click on ‘Create New ASN’ on ASN List - must enter the following fields

Agent PO Number – same ASN number being used by supplier and must be quoted by the Freight Forwarder
ETA date – estimate arrival in Alberta
  If ASN is a Provincial Transfer from another Board check the Provincial Transfer box

10. Enter in at least one SKU number.  The system will populate the description of product. Alternately you can use the SKU name and type it into the Description field.  This will bring up a list of your SKUs that begin or contain the words you type.  If you still cannot find the SKU in the list, you can type ** and that will return all SKUs that belong to you.  If you have already added a SKU to the details and this is the second or subsequent SKU then the ** list will be limited to all SKUs from the supplier.
Please note if a SKU is an archived listing, system will advise with a message regarding SKU not found and will not accept it.  Please contact AGLC to have the SKU reactivated. 

11. Tab over to quantity and enter in amount of cases to be received

12. Tab to next line if more than one SKU is arriving continue as above. 

13. If there are Samples arriving with the ASN enter in ‘Samples’ in the description box under the Sample Header, tab over to quantity and enter the amount of Sample cases 

14. If there is Promo arriving with the ASN enter under description box what is arriving example: brochures, glasses, posters.  Enter in case amount under quantity.

15. The total shipment quantity will be the amount of cases on the ASN, including any Samples or Promo cases

16. Once ASN entry has been completed click on ‘Submit ASN’-a pop up screen will appear ‘Are you sure you want to submit ASN’ click yes.  ASN has now been submitted into system.  

17. You will be returned to the ASN list, ASN will be in submitted status and change to confirm once it has been accepted

NOTE - If you enter an ASN and don’t hit submit and go back to the ASN List, under status it will show as a Draft.  These means the ASN has not been completed.  Please ensure that either it should be or remove it from the list by clicking on the ‘Remove from List’ after selected the ASN 


1. To amend a confirmed ASN click the check box beside the ID number of the ASN you want to amend then click the ‘Amend Select ASN’ this will take you into the ASN and you can make the following changes to ETA dates, adding or deleting a SKU from the ASN or changing quantity​ of cases.  Please note: ASN's that have been "BOOKED" cannot be amended online. Please contact cls.asn@exel.com for assistance.

2. Once the amendment has been completed, click ‘Submit Amendment’ a pop up screen will appear ‘Are you sure you want to amend ASN’ click yes, system will pop you back to the ASN List. 


1. Click the check box of the ASN you want to cancel, click ‘Cancel ASN’. A pop up window will appear ‘Are you sure you want to cancel selected ASN’ click OK.  System will change status of ASN to submitted than to cancelled once the system has made note of the change. Please Note – you can also click on ID Number and the system will bring up selected ASN to make amendments or to cancel an ASN.


From the ASN list click the Import ASN button.  In the next window that pops up, click the Browse button.  Find the file or files where you saved the ASN(s) to be imported.  Select this file and click Open.  If you are importing more than one ASN at a time you must have one file for each ASN you are importing.  Use the CTRL+click on the keyboard to select all files before clicking the Open button.

At the original Import ASN screen click the Upload button.  This will upload the data from the file(s) to the preview screen.  If there are errors in the file(s) you will be prompted to fix them.  To refresh the import screen do the browse/upload procedure again.  If there are no errors in the import preview, click Create New ASN(s) or Create & Submit New ASN(s).  

If you click the Create New ASN(s) button it takes you to the ASN Edit screen.  From there you can check to make sure everything is as it should be.  Note that if this ASN is a Provincial Transfer make sure you check the "This ASN is a Provincial Transfer" box and then click the Submit ASN button.  

If you click the Create & Submit New ASN(s) button then it s​imply creates the ASN and submits it to be processed.  This will return you to the ASN List screen.  There is no option to do an Provincial Transfer with this method.


The format for the file(s) during upload is either a TXT or a CSV file with the data in the file in a comma separated value format.  Do not user column headings in the file.  White space within the fields seems to be OK but it's recommended that you don't use it.  There are 7 fields as follows: 
​Agent P0 (required) - Alphanumeric value, up to 8 characters.  Must be the same on all lines in the file.
Line ID (required) - Numeric value.  Starting at 1 and increasing for each line.
Line Type (required) - Text value, 1 character.  D for Detail, S for Samples, P for Promo
ETA Date (required) - Numeric value.  Format YYYYMMDD.  Must be the same on all lines in the file.
Quantity (required) - Numeric value.
SKU (required for all D line types) - Numeric value.  Leading 0's is OK but not necessary.
Description (required for all S and P line types) - Alphanumeric value.  Up to 40 characters.​