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Bard's Tale Gluten Free Beer


SKU: 809798  |  Beer  | 
6x355 ml  |  Glass Bottle  |  4.7% alc./vol.  |  $0.60 deposit
4 per Case  |  6 per Pack

Origin: United States  |  New York
Supplied by: Bard's

Agent: Delancey Direct Incorporated

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Product/Technical Review

Bard's Golden Lager is the first Gluten Free Sorghum Beer and the ONLY Gluten Free Beer brewed  with 100% Malted Sorghum.

Tasting Notes

Pairing Notes

At 2012 Calgary Beer Fest - Bard's was used with Garlic & Butter sauteed Mussels...Yummy!



Agent Review Note

We hope everyone get's a chance to see the interview with founder, Craig Belser in issue #3 of Gluten-Free Living.

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